Healthee Launches Rebrand to Support Strategic Vision and Accelerated Growth

March 1, 2022
By Healthee
Press release
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Healthee’s new name and logo reflect their bold, transparent, and innovative approach to removing healthcare barriers and making humans healthier

NEW YORK – Healthee, an AI-powered platform that makes healthcare easy to navigate, unveiled their new name and logo, which reflect their mission to make humans healthier and their vision to create a world where people understand their healthcare options, and take advantage of them.

“We’ve been lucky to experience a lot of demand as a young company,” said Guy Benjamin, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Healthee, in a blog post. “As we engaged in conversations with our users, we realized that they don’t just want to understand their health insurance plans. They have a deeply-rooted desire to be healthier.”

“That’s why we ultimately decided to re-name ourselves to Healthee—to represent our commitment to healthy employees.”

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