Insurtech is Transforming the Way Employees Interact with their Healthcare (w/Guy Benjamin, Co-Founder Insurights)

October 19, 2021
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Guy Benjamin is working on digital health, formerly having trained in the Israeli Air Force, Yale and McKinsey. His Insurights is exploring the potential for digital transformation in the healthcare space.

20 years ago you’d go to a bank, later on you’d call a call center, and now you use an app. Health insurance is still at step 1 of transformation with call centers but has not yet truly digitized.

✅Insurights ‘Zoe’ takes on average 650-pages of coverage information and simplifies every question, enabling ‘Customers’ to become ‘Consumers’ for the first time

✅Zoe uses AI to understand the context and intent of every policy sentence, and will reach out proactively with specific benefits in specific impact areas such as ‘diabetes’

✅This not only helps consumers better manage health it helps employers optimize benefits for the consumer interactions, and lowers the overall costs for the insurer

✅Insurights transforms the way employees interact with their healthcare, getting healthier while spending less time searching information and on the phone

✅As co-CEO, Guy focuses on the people, product and pipeline, by showing the mission and impact having great access to healthcare will have on society

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This week’s guest biography:

Guy, the youngest of four brothers, was born and raised in Israel. He spent 12 years as an officer in the Israeli Air Force, getting his BA in Information Technologies and Physics from Ben Gurion University. Following his career in the Air Force, Guy graduated from Yale School of Management and joined McKinsey & Co. immediately after where he was an Associate Partner, focusing on transforming old processes with Digital and Analytics. Guy co-founded Insurights following his own experience trying to navigate his health benefits and his aspiration to help people be healthier by transforming their healthcare experience. 

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