How AI Could Repair our Healthcare System – Meet Healthee

June 20, 2023
AI Could Repair

How AI Could Repair our Healthcare System – Meet Healthee.

Join Spencer Smith in his latest episode of Self-Funded with Spencer as he delves into the world of artificial intelligence with Healthee and their co-founder/co-CEO – Guy Benjamin.

Guy shares the story behind “Zoe”, Healthee’s AI-based personal health assistant. The podcast also discusses biases and inefficiencies in the healthcare industry and how Healthee’s platform uses AI to improve the health coverage services and experience for employees.

Spencer and Guy discuss how Healthee’s mission is to provide accessible and transparent healthcare options for individuals, particularly in the United States where the costs for healthcare can be overwhelming.

They cover different features of the platform that include telehealth services, personalized healthcare information, and appointments management. Spencer and Guy also talk about the potential in health coaching, nutrition, and fitness, and how the platform integrates wearable technology data.

Finally, they share how the younger generation, who grew up with technology, will drive innovation in healthcare and demand more transparency and accessibility in healthcare pricing.

Spencer and Guy wrap up by discussing how much value there is in Healthee’s platform and why everyone should check it out.

Don’t miss out on this engaging conversation that invites you to rethink the healthcare industry and discover how you can take control of your own health journey.

Listen now to the latest episode of Self-Funded with Spencer, available on all platforms.

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