52 HR Software Tools and Platforms to Know

April 10, 2023
By Built In
HR professional smiling from her laptop

From payroll to performance management, these tools will help you create a better employee experience.

For a long time, human resources leaders could easily find themselves spending more time sifting through documents than working with people. But if there’s one conclusion to draw from the HR tech boom of the last several years, it’s that there’s no longer a shortage of HR software tools available.

These tools automate administrative work and analyze engagement trends. They develop customized employee growth plans and facilitate the transition to remote or hybrid workplaces. Some even offer new ways for employees to connect digitally and identify ways organizations can become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Still, it can be difficult to figure out what tools are right for you and your company. To help with that, we’ve curated a list of some of the most notable HR software platforms and apps to help you lead your team.

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