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Never Answer Another Benefits Questions Again

Healthee’s AI-powered personal Health Assistant answers employee benefits questions in seconds, maximizing employee health and satisfaction while freeing up your team’s schedule for bigger wins.

What would your team do with 9+ extra hours every week?

That’s how long the average HR pro spends helping employees navigate complicated health benefits. That’s over 20% of the work week!
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Your Employees Have Questions

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of employees will look for new
jobs this year beacause
they’re not satisfied with their
health benefits

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of employees want help navigating their health insurance benefits
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of employees delay or avoid treatment beacause they’re not sure if they’re covered
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of employees are more likely
to stick around because of
their benefits program

Healthee Has Answers

With instant, accurate benefits information at the tips of employees’ fingers, they’ll enjoy full control over their health and wellbeing while HR pros:
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Spend Less Time Answering Benefits Questions

Employees will always know what they’re covered for, where to get treatment, and how much it will cost them—without booking time on your calendar. They get instant, easy access to digital ID cards, deductible status, top in-network providers, clear coverage info, membership details, and a Plan Selection Tool.

Boost the Health & Satisfaction of Your Workforce

Healthee provides employees with step-by-step guidance at every stage of their health journeys so they can take full advantage of their health benefits and reach maximum wellbeing. Employees get the up-to-date information and education they need to pick the right plan, prevent future conditions, and everything in-between—all in one user-friendly platform.
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Attract & Retain Top Candidates

Employees get a trusted, confidential resource for sensitive health questions they might not want to share at work. They discover benefits they should be using but aren’t based on their unique health needs and goals. You will gain invaluable insights into the benefits that are most important to your people, so you can create the most competitive packages.

Make Open Enrollment a Breeze

There’s no need to become a benefits expert. Get rid of Open Enrollment anxiety with our comprehensive Plan Selection tool. The data-backed platform provides employees with personalized Open Enrollment answers and educational resources, taking work off your plate and freeing up your time and resources.
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HR Teams and Employees Love Healthee!

“Healthee empowers our employees to utilize their health benefits and price out health care spending. It adds an additional tool to their arsenal.”
“Healthee makes our lives easier by giving our employees guidance through very complex health insurance. Their product is great and the team is amazing.”
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See Healthee in Action

Reach out to schedule a free demo and learn how Healthee can keep your people healthy and happy.

See Healthee in Action

Reach out to schedule a free demo and learn how Healthee can keep your people healthy and happy.

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