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Healthee’s AI-driven benefits administration technology delivers fast, customized responses to employee health benefits questions, boosting organizational health literacy and employee satisfaction.
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your HR team’s superpowers

Introducing Zoe, Healthee’s virtual healthcare assistant, streamlining benefits navigation for employees and stakeholders. Get real-time personalized answers on coverage, treatment options, and more. Enjoy seamless Open Enrollment support with our user-friendly solution that boosts efficiency for HR leaders, brokers, and key decision-makers.

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How HR leaders simplify employee benefits communication with Healthee

Time-saving benefits administration technology

Zoe does the employee benefits communication for you, freeing your team for bigger tasks

User asking the Healthee app, "I'm pregnant, what am I covered for?"

Boost employee satisfaction

Deliver quick, personalized healthcare responses and maximize health outcomes

Healthee healthcare navigation platform interface showing benefits to support your care

Retain and attract top talent

Deliver quick, personalized healthcare responses and maximize health outcomes

Top talent in organization being retained and smiling

Simplified open enrollment management

Streamline enrollment processes for employees and HR teams with extensive support

Healthee plan comparison tool shows simplified open enrollment management

Improve organizational health literacy

Enable employee engagement in health and benefits to make informed decisions with clear, accessible information

Presenter at work showing growth graph about improving organizational health literacy

Real-time insights & reporting

Utilize valuable metrics on benefits usage and cost trends for informed workforce health management

Healthee dashboard shows company trends and tracking of company goals
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of employees will look for new jobs this year because they’re not satisfied with their health benefits
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of employees want help navigating their health insurance benefits
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of employees delay or avoid treatment beacause they’re not sure if they’re covered
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of employees are more likely to stick around because of their benefits program

HR leaders constantly spend time on employee benefits communication

Empower HR leaders with our user-friendly platform, offering instant access to vital health plan details. Employees get clear coverage info, personalized enrollment support, and tailored healthcare guidance without straining your team’s resources. Utilize Healthee’s data-driven insights for competitive packages that attract top talent while improving workforce health and satisfaction through preventive care tips and discreet assistance on sensitive matters.

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