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    Introducing Zoe, Healthee’s virtual healthcare assistant, demystifying benefits navigation for employees and stakeholders. Get real-time personalized answers on coverage, treatment options, and more. With Healthee's plan comparison tool, Open Enrollment decision and support just got a whole lot easier with our user-friendly solution that boosts efficiency for HR leaders, brokers, and key decision-makers. Explore the platform

    How other key decision makers are leveraging Healthee

    Brooklyn Simmons

    Brooklyn Simmons

    HR Administrative Manager at Nassau

    “Healthee empowers our employees to utilize their health benefits and price out health care spending. It adds an additional tool to their arsenal”
    Sarah Torpey

    Sarah Torpey

    HR at Freepoint

    “Healthee saves our HR team time and gives us peace of mind – we no longer have to send employees into the frustrating loop of customer service numbers just to have their questions answered”
    Lisa Reeves

    Lisa Reeves

    Chief Product Officer at TriNet

    “Understanding the ins and outs of benefits plans can be daunting. Leveraging Healthee’s AI-powered products will allow us to educate and empower our customers like never before. This partnership puts technology directly into the hands of employees, allowing for a better and more informed experience”
    Robert Fox

    Monica Aharonoff

    Operations Manager

    “Healthee makes our lives easier by giving our employees guidance through very complex health insurance. Their product is great and the team is amazing”
    Inbar Saper

    Inbar Saper

    HR Business Partner

    “Healthee helps our employees understand their health insurance and get answers to their benefits questions instantly, without waiting on hold”
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    Boost employee satisfaction

    Deliver quick, personalized healthcare responses and maximize health outcomes

    Healthee healthcare navigation platform interface showing benefits to support your care
    02 /06

    Time-saving benefits administration technology

    Zoe does the employee benefits communication for you, freeing your team for bigger tasks

    User asking the Healthee app,
    03 /06

    Retain and attract top talent

    Deliver quick, personalized healthcare responses and maximize health outcomes

    Top talent in organization being retained and smiling
    04 /06

    Simplified open enrollment management

    Streamline enrollment processes for employees and HR teams with extensive support

    Healthee plan comparison tool shows simplified open enrollment management
    05 /06

    Improve organizational health literacy

    Enable employee engagement in health and benefits to make informed decisions with clear, accessible information

    Presenter at work showing growth graph about improving organizational health literacy
    06 /06

    Real-time insights & reporting

    Utilize valuable metrics on benefits usage and cost trends for informed workforce health management

    Healthee dashboard shows company trends and tracking of company goals

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