Improving Open Enrollment decision support & Care Outcomes

Case Study

Improving Open Enrollment decision support & Care Outcomes

Case Study
A large beverage distributor was looking for ways to maximize decision support for their employees during annual open enrollment. 

The ben-admin system they were using didn’t offer much in ways of engagement, and was limited in scope and functionality. They needed a solution that would smoothly guide employees with picking their plans, all the way to making those choices a reality – like managing everyday care, scheduling doctor appointments, and having a clear picture of the costs involved. They turned to Healthee for support in achieving those goals.

Key objectives

Educate, engage and drive better outcomes with advanced support solutions

Ensure teams have what they need to make good care decisions, 24/7/365

Provide a centralized education resource to improve education and engagement

Help employees choose the right plans and program

Growth & Impact

In eight months of use

0 %
Completed their open enrollment selections through Healthee
0 Mins
Avg time employees spent selecting their plans
0 %
Reduction in HR admin work
  • Integrated with existing vendor solutions to ensure a more seamless benefits enrollment experience.
  • Provided comprehensive information on enrollment, plan eligibility, plan comparisons and dependent eligibility to nearly 5,000 employees.
  • Provided utilization reports to the client, offering improved visibility into total enrollment by benefits plan.
  • Took the lead on open enrollment, freeing up our client’s HR team and allowing them to focus on other tasks. This efficient delegation allowed them to optimize their time and resources.
  • Provided personalized assistance to employees, answering their questions, and guiding them through the enrollment process. This level of support enhanced the overall employee experience, ensuring employees felt informed and supported during this important decision-making period.
Healtheee – where have you been?!
Healthee has been a game-changer for our open enrollment process. As an HR professional, I used to dread this time of year, but Healthee’s innovative approach and intuitive platform have transformed the experience. Their personalized recommendations saved our team hours of deliberation, and our employees are raving about their newfound understanding of their benefits. Healthee is not just a tool; it’s a true ally in navigating the complex world of open enrollment!

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