How Healthee Delivered a 7% Reduction in Claims Costs

Case Study

Improving care outcomes and lowering cost

Case Study
A prominent e-commerce marketing platform was looking for ways to optimize healthcare expenditures, streamline administrative burdens on their HR teams, and enhance employee benefits participation.

Despite offering comprehensive and sizable healthcare benefits packages, there was a huge disconnect between their offerings and employee satisfaction levels. This concern was particularly noteworthy given that healthcare benefits constituted the second-largest expenditure within the organization.

The company reached out to Healthee, a trusted strategic partner known for its expertise in healthcare benefits navigation and optimization. Their goal was to give their benefits strategy a complete makeover, aiming for a better and more seamless experience that would benefit both employees and the company as a whole.

Key objectives

Lower healthcare costs

Create a dynamic and engaging benefits experience using an integrated approach

Ensure teams have what they need to make good care decisions

Growth & Impact

In eight months of use

0 %
Employees logged in
0 %
User satisfaction
0 %
Increase in benefits utilization
2, 0
In-network doctor found
Healtheee – where have you been?!
I started using this app when it was added to our benefits offerings. It sounds funny to say at this age after all these years of blindly navigating them, but I can finally understand my healthcare benefits – and know how to use them. It’s way easier to find doctors or specialist and know how much it will cost me before the appointment

Head of Marketing

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250+ employees

Existing ben-admin system

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