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It’s 2023, and we believe that health benefits should be as simple as breathing. 

Welcome to Healthee – your digital compass to navigate the vast world of healthcare benefits. Imagine discovering your coverage, identifying the right provider, understanding your costs, and booking an appointment—all in the time it takes to send a tweet! That’s what we do, and we do it in 27 seconds flat. 

Our quest is to redefine healthcare experiences for employees worldwide through our cutting-edge AI platform, ensuring they not only navigate but truly optimize their health plans.

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Tech Lead Opportunity 

Elevate to a role where strategy meets execution. As the beacon of our dynamic cross-functional team, you’ll not only craft solutions but also architect the vision for our application. Your responsibility extends beyond coding; it’s about leading, mentoring, and shaping the future of our tech landscape. At Healthee, we’re not just looking for someone who can tackle complex challenges but someone who can identify them before they emerge. If you have an eye for detail, a mind that thrives in uncharted territory, and the ability to inspire and guide a team towards excellence, then you’re the leader we’ve been searching for. Join Healthee, and together let’s revolutionize the health benefits realm.

  • Strategic Technical Planning: Collaborate closely with product managers, stakeholders, and development teams to understand requirements and envision the architectural roadmap.
  • Architectural Leadership: Design robust, scalable, and secure features by leading the architectural aspects of the entire product suite. Ensure that design decisions support long-term strategy and future evolutions.
  • Technology Decisions: Evaluate and choose the right technologies, tools, and frameworks suitable for the platform’s requirements and growth. Stay updated with emerging trends and technologies.
  • Code Quality & Best Practices: Ensure the highest standards of code quality by conducting code reviews, introducing new patterns, and setting guidelines. Push for innovation, and ensure scalability and maintainability.
  • Performance Tuning: Oversee and advise on performance improvements, optimization strategies, and bottleneck troubleshooting to ensure our applications run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Technical Documentation: Drive the creation of insightful and comprehensive technical documents which explain the architecture, design decisions, and methodologies used in the platform.
  • Mentorship: Act as a mentor to developers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Provide guidance, feedback, and knowledge sharing to elevate the team’s technical prowess.
  • Collaboration: Engage in technical discussions with cross-functional teams, offering insights, and ensuring alignment in technical direction.
  • Prototyping & Exploration: Lead and engage in experimental projects or prototypes to test new ideas and technologies, determining their viability for our goals.
  • Continuous Improvement: Advocate for technological advancements, improvements, and refinements to drive better engineering practices and efficient processes.
  • Adaptability: Demonstrated ability to excel in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, adapting to evolving needs and challenges.

*While the role is focused on leading technology and not directly managing people, the ability to influence, guide, and inspire the team towards achieving technical excellence is very important.

  • Extensive Experience: 10+ years of progressively responsible roles in full stack development, with a demonstrated history of leading significant projects or teams.
  • Expertise in Multiple Languages: Deep understanding and expertise in JavaScript/TypeScript, along with other widely used programming languages.
  • Architectural Leadership: Demonstrated experience in designing, implementing, and optimizing microservices architectures, preferably on Kubernetes or similar platforms.
  • Front-end Mastery: Proficient in front-end frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, and React. Demonstrated capability to design user-centric, performant, and responsive applications.
  • Back-end Excellence: Mastery over back-end frameworks like Node.js and extensive experience with web application frameworks such as Express.js or Nest.js.
  • API Development: Strong expertise in both RESTful and GraphQL API design, development, and integration.
  • Database Expertise: Hands-on experience with a range of database technologies, including but not limited to MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Knowledge in AWS DynamoDB is an advantage.
  • Advanced CI/CD Practices: Experience with advanced continuous integration and continuous deployment tools and strategies, with a preference for those familiar with GitHub actions.
  • Testing Advocacy: Deep understanding of testing frameworks and tools like Jest, Mocha, or Chai. A commitment to quality assurance and thorough testing practices, including unit, integration and e2e tests.
  • Cloud Mastery: Expert-level knowledge and hands-on experience with major cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. Familiarity with serverless architectures on platforms like AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions is an advantage.
  • Web Security: Advanced understanding of web security protocols, standards, and best practices.
  • Leadership & Communication: Excellent communication skills, with an ability to articulate complex technical concepts to a diverse audience. Demonstrated leadership abilities in mentoring and guiding teams.
  • Continuous Learning: A strong inclination to stay updated with the latest technological advancements and a drive to adopt and integrate them as required.
  • Problem-solving Prowess: An analytical mindset with a strong passion for tackling intricate technical challenges and leading teams to resolve them.

The Tech Lead role demands not only technical expertise but also a visionary mindset to drive the technological future of the organization. A successful Tech Lead will be a mix of a mentor, strategist, and hands-on developer.

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