Transform Open Enrollment: 3 Approaches for Health Insurance Brokers in the Open Enrollment Period

Benefits represent a significant portion of an employee’s total compensation and are valuable tools for acquisition and retention for companies. That’s why open enrollment is such a crucial time for employers and the health insurance brokers they work with.

But open enrollment is not without its challenges! It can prove difficult for brokers to stay on top of the ever changing landscape of healthcare benefits, especially when supporting hundreds, if not thousands, of employees with the personal decision support needed to confidently choose a healthcare plan. In a saturated market, it can also be difficult for brokers to stand out amongst their competition, making for a stressful time of year filled with competing deadlines, lack of resources, and time-consuming tasks.

We’re sharing three key ways you can transform open enrollment to deliver results for your clients and set yourself apart from the competition.


1. Put information in the hands of your clients

Benefits are personal, and companies want to provide their employees with customized and comprehensive benefits support, yet they often lack the expertise and bandwidth to do so. Brokers are caught in the middle, liaising between healthcare companies and their clients, with clients then relaying information back to their employees, creating an unpleasant game of broken telephone. Between the lack of benefits literacy among employers and their employees and the overall complexities of the healthcare system, it can be an extremely heavy lift to ensure a smooth open enrollment experience for your clients and their employees. There are countless questions and scenarios to account for and the process can leave brokers burned out and stretched thin.

Healthee’s proprietary open enrollment and plan comparison tools bring easily accessible, personalized guidance directly into the hands of the employees brokers aim to serve. By putting the power in the hands of employees, brokers can provide their clients with tools to enhance the employee experience and reduce the amount of confusion that results from multiple communication channels. Healthee helps streamline the processing of important benefit information and provides instant and accurate answers to employees’ most pressing plan and benefits inquiries.


2. Decrease your workload and free up your time with comprehensive tools

The healthcare system is ever-changing. As a health insurance broker, you’re often catering to companies with large employee bases, all with their own set of highly specific, personalized benefit needs and questions. A significant chunk of a broker’s workload happens during renewal and open enrollment, making it a tremendously time-consuming and demanding period. Navigating the open enrollment season without the right set of tools can leave brokers without the resources they need to effectively advise their clients, resulting in less than positive consequences for all.

Healthee equips brokers with unique, personalized decision support tools allowing you to provide your clients with the tools to explore their benefits options in a way that best caters to their concerns. With personalized, on-demand AI support and plan comparison tools, Healthee takes much of the time-consuming legwork out of benefits analysis so brokers can spend more time focusing on scaling customer satisfaction and acquisition.


3. Increasing employee/employer satisfaction

The clients that brokers serve are often bogged down with an array of competing tasks, which is likely why they’ve enlisted the help of a broker to begin with. And with the current climate, companies are more eager than ever to increase employee engagement and retention. This gives brokers the unique responsibility of supporting both parties, often with competing needs.

Healthee provides employees with the opportunity to directly engage with the platform to receive real-time, personalized guidance to their healthcare questions. This takes the pressure off of HR allowing them the time and space to focus on other pressing tasks. It also empowers employees to find the care they need and helps them get the most out of their benefits, increasing their value and contributing to employee satisfaction.


Transform open enrollment with Healthee

Brokers work tirelessly to provide the best possible support to their clients. In today’s saturated market, it can be difficult to stand out among traditional brokers and even more challenging to deliver on the promise of cost-effective, personalized solutions. By streamlining communication, offering personalized and timely information, and empowering your clients to get the most out of their benefits, brokers can transform open enrollment for their clients and the professionals they employ, delivering on their promise of customized care and lower health insurance costs.

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