Employer Branding in Recruitment: 5 Effective Ways to Attract Top Talent

Employer Branding in Recruitment: 5 Effective Ways to Attract Top Talent

You don’t just interview candidates – candidates interview you, too.

They evaluate you, your online presence, and whether or not you’re the right fit. Your online presence and your aura are under their careful scrutiny, just as a suitor’s charm and mannerisms are examined to see whether this might be The One. 

That’s why employer branding is so important. It directly impacts the quality and quantity of talent you attract, and therefore your organization’s productivity and success.

But what are the keys to stellar employee branding? How can you make it work for you, without taking up too much of your work?

5 Efficient Employer Brand Strategies

1.Invest in excellent Google search results

What’s one sure-fire thing job seekers will do before their interview? Google you. 

It’s crucial to make sure your search results showcase your organization as a positive place to work. Make sure you have an excellent presence on websites that rank highly in search, like Glassdoor and Comparably.

These rating sites can display high rankings and positive comments that indicate your organization is a great place to work, you are a good employer, and your employees are genuinely happy and engaged.

2.Be where your ideal candidates are

Figure out where your ideal candidates search for jobs and develop an impressive presence there. 

For example, if you’re hiring for a tech company in NYC (like us!), consider posting  job listings on sites like BuiltInNYC and The Muse.

And no matter which industry you’re in, your ideal candidates are most likely on LinkedIn. So make sure your employees are your biggest advocates, and post about your company regularly on LinkedIn.

You can even create incentives for your employees to post by equipping them with sample social language and adding a bit of gamification and awards. Some companies give away Amazon gift cards, for example, to whoever gets the most engagement.

3.Gather employee testimonials

Employee testimonials are a low-lift method for creating quality content on social media that cultivates a positive employer brand. Create an employee survey that asks several questions about their experience working at your company.

Derive quotes from their answers and post them across your company’s social media accounts. It’s a straightforward yet engaging way to show off how amazing your company is to work for and will also encourage employees to re-share with their own networks.

Added bonus: The employee satisfaction survey will provide wonderful insight into your employee’s favorite things about your organization as well as what’s missing for them.

Here’s the employee satisfaction survey that we developed and use within our own organization.

4.Be competitive with your health benefits

46% of employess say health insurance was either the deciding factor or a positive influence in choosing their current job

Candidates always consider benefits when evaluating a company. Among the most important benefits is your healthcare offering. According to a recent study,  46% of employees say health insurance was either the deciding factor or a positive influence in choosing their current job.

Employees want to work for companies whose benefits demonstrate that the employers care for them, their health, and overall well-being.

66% of employees want help navigating their health benefits

66% of employees want help navigating their health benefits – and healthcare navigation solutions like Healthee show your candidates that you genuinely care about their health.

Healthee provides instant answers to employees’ benefits questions: what’s covered, which plan to choose during Open Enrollment, which providers are in-network, and how to save money on care. Book a demo to learn more about how Healthee can elevate your employer brand.

5.Create a compelling Careers page

Most candidates who apply for a job at your company will look at your Careers page. This webpage needs to feature more than just job listings — it needs to show your company’s personality. Your careers page is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate why you’re a great company to work for and why they should be excited to apply for a position.

Make sure your careers page communicates that you have incredible benefits. Show that you take care of happy employees. Impress upon potential candidates that your values align with theirs. Specifically, make sure you have these sections on your careers page:

  • Employee testimonials
  • Values
  • Mission
  • Employee benefits

When listing out your benefits, make sure you include those that show how you support your employees holistically (like how you’re using Healthee to help them with their healthcare!).

The Takeaway

It’s an employee’s market out there, which is why it’s more important than ever to invest resources in employer branding. Simple hacks like gathering employee testimonials or boosting your health benefits with Healthee can go a long way in making sure stellar candidates apply for your jobs, and choose you after you send them an offer. Book a demo with Healthee, and you’re one step closer to maximizing your recruitment efforts. 

Omer Maman

Omer Maman

VP of Marketing at Healthee

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