Hi, we’re Healthee.

We’re here to make confusing, inaccessible,
expensive healthcare a thing of the past.

What We Do

We build tech that helps people reach their full health potential

We’re on a mission to empower people to live their healthiest lives by making healthcare accessible, transparent, and easy to understand.

Healthee demystifies employee health benefits by showing employees how to pick their plan, what’s covered, and where to get high-quality, affordable care.

Companies use Healthee to ensure their employees feel cared about and empowered at every stage of their health journeys, so they can become their best selves and do their best work.

Why We Do it

We believe everyone, everywhere deserves access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.
This starts with benefits people can understand and actually use—without stressing over coverage, skipping necessary treatment, or overspending on healthcare.
Most Americans are insured through their employers. That means making employee health benefits easier to use is one of the best ways to help the greatest number of people reach their full health potential, in the fastest way possible.

Where We’re Going

We’re working toward a world where people, organizations, and society can truly flourish
We promise to deliver transparency, simplicity, and efficiency to health benefits so employees everywhere can become healthier, happier humans. We aim to create a positive ripple effect that will push the entire healthcare system—and society—in the right direction.

Meet Our Team

Guy Benjamin


Ben Nagar


Dr. Elad Ofir

Chief Data and Medical Officer

Debbie Sharvit

VP of People

Haim Gottfried

Head of Analytics and Research

Justin Turner

Head of Sales

Ben Goldenberg

Chief Architect

Michal Bell

VP of Product

Cynthia Gordon

Head of Customer Experience

Nina Stanley

Head of Channel Sales

Silvi Specter

Director of Marketing

Ron Zionpour

Vice President of R&D

Want To Join Our Mission?

We’re looking for hungry, enthusiastic candidates
ready to make a big splash!